Recipes, creations, surprises, and games …
Fun times await !
At lunch time,
the MB Tresor recharges
your child’s batteries !
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At snack time,
the MB Gram is there for a
nourishing break from play time !
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Your child is unique, and so is his lunch box!
Personalise it by creating your own tabs.
Create your own games with your child
cindy & clara
Cindy likes to slip a note in her daughter’s lunch box, with a new one each day.
Clara can’t wait to read them.
marie & kevin
Marie loves to teach her son something new in a fun way.
Kevin thinks the fruits and veggies his mum draws him are fun.
mark & sophie
Mark likes to surprise his daughter by hiding something behind the tabs.
Sophie is excited to discover notes and coins “hidden” by her darling daddy.
Make your child happy with the simple things
Connect the dots
  • Print it.
  • Slip it in your child’s box.
  • Now you’re the best parent in the world!
Download the connect the dots picture for free
A paper mask
  • Print it.
  • Help your child cut it out and add a string to wear it.
  • Take a photo of it and share it with us.
Donwload the mask for free
Help your child discover new flavours with this free booklet created just for him.
  • What’s going on in there?
    Fun explanations of different flavours.
  • Abracadabra… Turn "yuck" into "yum"!
    Five "tricks" to help your child try new foods.
  • Create your own vegetable garden: it’s easy!
    Tips for budding gardeners.
  • Three recipe ideas:
    a complete meal, snack and beverage.
  • What if you… ?
    Useful tips for healthier eating.
Download the PDF booklet for free
Discover the tabs from the animal theme elected by the parents !
5 colorful characters to discover !
Emmathe beautiful and adventurous flamingo
Calvinthe sporty chimpanzee
Johnnythe nice tiger
Arthurthe distracted lion
Corentinthe witty parrot
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