Think reusable!

Food waste, waste treatment and recycling (energy-intensive during transport and process) are a heavy burden. 

Faced with this reality, a new model is required : reusable products!

Disposable containers? We’re not interested !

2.8 tons is the amount of disposable packaging used every minute only by one fast-food chain! It is the equivalent of a garbage truck. 

Recycling is not enough!

Think out of the box: think reusable! Using a reusable food container in a sustainable way has a positive impact on the environment as it reduces CO2 emissions (no more recycling, collection and transport of waste needed !).

Zero waste, even in restaurants!

1.5 million

is the number of tons of food wasted by the catering industry in 2016 (according to ADEME). This amount of food would fill a 50m apartment within a few minutes.

230 gr.

is the average amount of food wasted per person for each meal taken at a restaurant. For a family of 4 people, this amount represents a whole meal.


it's the absence of waste that a bento box guarantees! And the best part is that your lunch is already ready for tomorrow!

Be part of this change! 

By choosing reusable containers, you join the #goreusable community of more than one million users of monbento® products and also a new state of mind: taking care of yourself and the environment while standing out!